I live in a valley between two hills, one on the East and one on the West. On clear mornings, before I can see the sun rise above the hill in the East, the light first touches the tops of the trees on the western hill and slowly descends until my house is engulfed in light. It is a time of exciting anticipation, as the golden glow gets closer and closer and I can finally see the sun with my own eyes, and not just in reflection. It’s a precious time to be awake and alive.

20151003_174917Likewise, as the sun is setting and my home is already in shadow behind the western hill, I
love to watch the light as it slowly climbs the eastern hill. The features of the landscape seem magically transformed in that uniquely golden hue, bringing out details hidden in shadow earlier in the day.

For me, those moments are holy with an indefinable sacredness. The interplay of light and shadow is intense, pregnant with both intense illumination and suggestive concealment.

The interplay of Light and Shadow, – the Conscious and Unconscious, the Visible and Invisible – are the essence of our spiritual journeys. As the full arc of the sun’s transit reveals hidden treasures to the eyes that are attentive to such mysteries, so the eyes of the spiritually attuned may discover revelations of holiness, even amid the deepening shadows of the day.

It is my hope that the reflections in this blog may help to sharpen your spiritual vision so that you may see more clearly the Holy Mysteries of Life as we explore together the interplay of Shadow and Light, and in the process, find the portals that connect our inner and outer worlds.

Duane R. Brown


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